Need ideas for our forum/site

Hi all,
I'm new to Xenforo.. Recently we had some issues with vBulletin support that would not get fixed and we had some corruption in the latest backups because of a weird char in the database that crashed mysqldump.
Because of that to get the forum back on its feet with minor impacts on discussions we decided to migrate to xenforo. (we were already planning for it anyway but now we had an extra argument for it ;-))
We removed all extra stuff for the time we'we done with the forum integration (the web site only hosts a forum for the moment until we redesign the main template and we get used to Xenforo)

Now the question is. I am running a large PHOTOGRAPHY forum and getting to know all what Xenforo can offer to us and our members I decided to open that thread.
I would like to get some inputs on what you guys think a good photography discussion forum should include in term of modifications/add-ons/etc.
Our forum is quite generic, we have pro photographers, beginners and even clients/models
Also we don't want to only have a forum, there is a lot more to offer and we are looking for applications that inter-connect with the forum for the memberships login/passwords

So, if you were to run a Xenforo forums about photography how would you make it?.. We're looking for new ideas and stuff that we did not explore so far, that's why I'm not linking the forum yet.