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I have something weird going on with my forum . I don't think it's a xenporo problem .
But I will try to be clear as I can ,
When I want to type something in to a box , if it's to replay to a tread or just a pm ,
I make a lot of spelling mistakes ,and my iPad helps me alot with it .
So let's say I type" mistak " and I click on it with my finger ,and my iPad is giving me option to the correct word
And this words staying till I pick one !
In my forum the correct words disappir after a sec and won't let me pick .

So this is what I need help with , why is happening only in my forum ?
Is it a add on problems ?
U can test it ur self in my forum if you need to .
I hope I am clear snuff .
Ty guys


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This seems odd because it's your browser (in this case your iPad browser) that triggers the auto-correct functionality.

I'll test it with my tablet. Give me a sec...
If it happens on THIS forum here (XF) + your own forum
then it's your iPad or browser.

If you're OK here (XF) but not on your own forum, then it'd something on your forum.
Only but only on my forum ,, no other forum
I have tried other forums that uses xen . And it's all good .
I have tried hare and it's all good


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It's possible that something on your site is triggering an event that is cancelling the autocorrect feature. I would try and disable all add-ons then try it again.

You could selectively disable your add-ons, starting with the most recent in your admincp, or you could disable them all temporarity by adding this line:

$config['enableListeners'] = false;

to the config.php file.
I'm also noticing that the "X" (exit) is missing from membercard popup. The hotspot is there, as you can see the mouse pointer change to a hand when you place the pointer where the X should be. Maybe a style issue that happens to be related to the issue you are having.


This may be an add-on conflict, a color issue or a style problem. It sure will confuse your members if left unresolved.
I will see what I will do .. First I will disable the add ons one by one ,, then I will see ,,
Is it saying why u can't post ?

I can start to post a thread, but then the "post thread" button is grayed out. Yet, I can click on "Preview"...just not post. Permissions issue maybe....??
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