Need Help with transition for a new user / not signed in user purchasing with Paypal.

Hello There,

I need help with the transition for a new user / not signed in user purchasing a product with Paypal.

I am very new to this… I will probably ask all the wrong questions and probably post this in the wrong place.

I really appreciate any help I can get as I work through this. Seriously… thanks in advance.
What I don’t want is extra steps and extra pages so the sales get lost.
I’m basically going for what Amazon is doing with their site where users can click to purchase an item… sign in if they aren’t… and the item is already added to their cart system.

I would like the transition to look like this:

User not signed up / not signed in > click Paypal buy button to purchase > sends user to sign up / sign in page > once user signs up / signs in they get taken straight to Paypal where item is already in the next stages of purchase (fill out Paypal email / or use credit card, etc.).

If there is an add-on that does this or features that I’m missing that do this… I would appreciate any help or direction. Thanks again.


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That's not something that is built in -- the flow for user upgrades is very much dependent on the user being logged in to make the purchase. It's generally designed as something to offer existing users.

You do mention a cart system, so if you're looking to sell products that's rather distinct and would need an add-on. You should then direct any questions to the add-on's thread.