XF 1.5 Need help with Moving Profile Cover block

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Before i ask for help, i want to say i did contact the developer of the add-on for the Profile cover in which he is not helping me with my issue.
I am hoping somebody on xenforo can help me.
Add-on i am using is https://xenforo.com/community/resources/profile-cover.2782/
Issue i am having is moving the profile block to the right hand side on the sidebar as shown in this image.

This is how how the add-on funtioned in version 1.4 with the avatar block being placed inside of the profile cover block and then the block slides over to the right side of the sidebar.

Now it shows like this on my site after i upgraded to the 2.0.8 a version of the add on.


The profile cover is now the full page width and ontop of the side bar. Can somebody help me get it back to the first version. Please!
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