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Need help with custom BBcode (paid)


Active member
My old non-XF forum uses a special LIGHTBOX bbcode to use Lightbox for thumbnail to full images. On test import into XF only the thumbnails show & the BBcode has changed to the IMG tag & nothing happens when they are clicked.

It's a custom import & I'm told writing the BBcode before or after import will work.

Example of code on old forum:
Baffles me how it works but clicking that thumbnail opens the full size image in Lightbox & any subsequent images in the thread. The name of the full size image is the same minus the 'thumb_' prefix so for the above example the image opened would be:
Here's how it appears in edit mode on XF:
I need the BBcode writing for XF & a find & replace doing that will only change the IMG tags for images that are prefixed with 'thumb_' to the new LIGHTBOX code

This is only required for legacy thumbnail images & needs not to conflict with lightbox functionality for new images.

I have the text_class.php file from my old platform that allegedly has the info for the code. I can see it but makes no sense to me.

Currently all image paths point to our old forum. I'm also changed domain name but I have had the legacy image directories moved to the new domain so the paths are still relative.

As we are an image heavy site with thousands of images posted this way we have to be able to fix this to proceed.

If this is something you can do I'd be pleased to hear from you!