need help to change color of drop down "log-in" box and "sign-up" box

Hi, I have search the forum in search of a clear way to change the color of the the drop down "log-in" box and "sign up" button. I have tried making edits to the log-in css, and adding code to the extra.css with no success. Can somebody please help me or guide me to the correct answer, I would appreciated very much. Im a newbie, so if anybody know of any video tutorials, that would be great. Also one of the best tutorial i have seen that cover xenforo is



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For the login bar:

Style Properties -> Login Bar

Container is of course... the container :), and you can just play with the rest to figure it out. Sometimes what I'll do is make a setting like bright pink so I know what it controls.

As for the login button, it's under Style Properties -> Buttons -> Sign Up Now
Thanks Russ, I was able to change the "sign up now" button, but the drop down "login " box did not work. I went to the style properties->Login bar, then I select my color, but like i said earlier it did not work. Is there anything else i can do to change the color of the drop down login box?


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What other templates are you using? Sometimes style developers utilize extra.css(or a custom css file they created) and it could be overwriting the style properties.