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XF 1.2 Need help setting up...

Hey guys,

I'm struggling figuring out how to set the user permissions so that things work properly from Admins to Unregistered users.

I had them set up and working, then today I had a user sign up so that he could look things over to let me know if anything is broken and I can't post on his profile wall or start a conversation with him, etc...despite having my user permissions set to Admin.

So, something weird is going on and I have no idea what to do about it.

Any ideas guys?

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Did you use Never anywhere? If so, that can be part of the problem. If nobody else chimes in you can send start a conversation with me and set me up as a temp admin and I can log in and take a look. It will be later though as I'm heading out to a TitanFall pre-release party and will probably be playing it all night after midnight.