XF 1.3 Need help migrating data from VB 4.2.2

I know there are numerous posts on this topic but I can't find one that matches what i'm struggling with...

We're a long time VB user (currently on v 4.2.2) and are migrating to XF. Our VB database can't be exposed to the public so the XF import tool won't work for importing our data.

What other options do I have?

Thanks in advance.
It's not that data is exposed. The XF import tool requires the IP of the database that data is to be pulled from. My current VB database isn't publicly available...
I should have added that as part of this migration, we've switched hosts so because the MySQL Server isn't local, i'm assuming that an IP would suffice in the import tool.


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How large is your database? Cant you export your database and import it to the same server where your XF forum will be?
The database is about 450MB. Yeah, unless someone has a magical approach, I'm going to have to set up a VB instance on my new server and then import from there.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.


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No need to setup VB, all you need is the database and the attachments. The attachments can be in any folder.
A 450 meg uncompressed database is not that big and can be easily transferred. .