Need Domain Ideas


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I am starting a college forum for discussing the process of preparing for college, freshmen talk, sophmore talk, etc. Not only that but it will have a list of colleges for questions to be asked so other students from that selected college can respond.

The problem I'm having is that I wanted or but those are taken so I'm here for others to give me an idea for domains.


Steve F

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Finding a good domain name can be tedious especially when the niche you are looking at is flooded. I use this tool quite often with good results. Many settings you can use but just adding keywords for the niche your looking at works great for ideas. :)


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CollegeForum may be taken, but it's a splashpage. Normally, this means the person wants to sell it, but I can't see a "Domain is for sale" or similar sentences.

CollegeTalk is open for sale, the last time I checked that site - if you have hundreds of dollars or a thousand dollars in your pocket set aside for webmastering these college sites. I would negotiate a price.

But make sure you're ready to put all your heart and soul into the site. Otherwise your money is wasted.