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Add-on Need an add-on that adds notes to every thread


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This is what I need:

Add a text editor (BB-Code) as a sidebar to every thread:
  • The sidebar can be hidden or not. It should be part of the structure of the thread itself. It will minimize the width of the posts while clicking the sidebar arrow/button, and the post width would expend itself once the button would be pressed again on the sidebar.
  • It will save the preference of the sidebar based on user's choice.
  • If text was written in the editor, it will save the text until the user would delete/edit it (like a post). The text should be divided to "stickies" or blocks and I should be able to assign a date to every sticky that would appear on the top of the sticky. I would like to choose the date with a calendar, not just plug in the date manually.
  • It should be based on usergroup permission
  • I should have a choice in ACP to activate it on certain nodes (nodes permission)

PM me with a quote.

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