XF 1.4 Need a solution to defacing

Hello XF,

My name is Jonathan and I've been with Xenforo for a good 2 and a half years. Over the last year, I have opened 2 forums which keep being defaced. They change the PAGE_CONTAINER template mainly and I wonder, how do they do this? My file permissions are not set to 077 because I know that those permissions are not safe especially for the data files. I used CPanel for those forums and I was constantly being defaced. Even if I reverted my templates, the forum was ruined. At this moment, I plan on opening a brand new forum using Nginx and a VPS. I however need help regarding the defacing issue and how I can prevent it.

If anybody could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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You will need to determine how they are gaining access to the system.

It could be due to a compromised account, insecure server, other software installed on the server, shared hosting accounts, etc.
Alright, I have taken your suggestions into consideration and I am hoping to find a solution. The defacing issue is annoying and I thought that by using Nginx I'd be more secure this time around.