XF 1.4 Navigation


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Does anyone know how I could create two instances of navigation menu?

My plan is to use the default XenForo navigation menu (with the Home, Forum, Members links, with sub-links), and to have a separate site-specific menu which behaves in the same way.

The area is identified by JS with the ID "navigation", and if there are two on the page, only one works (i.e. the responsive collapse only works for one).



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If your doing floating navigation or something its not needed to have 2 bars. But I have a feeling thats not what you are trying to do.

The stock javascript looks for the first instance of the element in question and an ID is only supposed to occur once anyways. You will need to write custom javascript to take care of addition instances. But if you were floating the navigation on scroll for example you don't need such things which is why I asked.