MG 1.1 Navigation categories


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I'm sure this probably a missunderstanding of mine on how categories work in Xenforo.
I'm trying to achieve the following and to some extent I have managed this.
I have created a higherarchy of categories to keep the vast amount of pictures in order.
Here's an exaple:

Main category
I have four top categories each with a different subject (example cars, vans, boats and horses)

Sub categories:
The above categgories are devided in to sub sections each (example cars run on petrol, cars run on diesel)

and finally I have the media categories that actually have images and these have sub categories each (example cars made in 1900, cars made in 1910, cars made in 1920 and so on.

I have set up a structure in XMG but the problem I havve is because the top and initial sub categories are for navigation and do not contain media, the user gets a message saying no media found.
I'm wondering is there a way to make these categories act as navigation rather than a category.



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I think I've figured this out. In the XMG category settings I need to untick the media allowed and remove the allowable media. That seems to make the category act as navigation rather than an album.
Happy days :)