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Name Servers Help


Well-known member
I am confused as what to put..

Server 1
ns1.wickedstangs.com at IP 66.666.6.01
ns2.wickedstangs.com at IP 66.666.6.01

New Server 2
ns1.wickedstangs.com at IP 66.666.6.02
ns2.wickedstangs.com at IP 66.666.6.02
server names.JPG

On Name Cheap, I am trying to point some of my URL to the new server.

Is this the correct way to do it?

My new login at the New Server says:

You need to create the following name servers at your registrar:
ns1.wickedstangs.com using IP 66.666.6.02
ns2.wickedstangs.com using IP 66.666.6.02

Does it matter that I have NS3 and NS4?....

Mike Edge

Well-known member
Nope they don't even have to be ns*. could even be cobra.wickedstangs.com and gt.wickedstangs.com

.01 and .02 should be .1 and .2 though.

Mike Edge

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>>>> You need to create the following name servers at your registrar:

That means you haven't created your name servers yet. You need to do that first..

Namecheap.com - Modify Domain (xfhost.net) 2013-08-04 14-42-37.png


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DNS prolly hasn't updated for you yet then.
Got this from my new server..
That will not work. If you've migrated the account to your SSD VPS, then those nameservers will report inconsistent results (or would, if ns3 and ns4 were actually registered; those names don't resolve). Once migration is completed, you need to replace the original nameservers with the new ones, not just add them.