XF 1.5 mySQL Database Size

So I backed up a database of about 60 something megs. It saved as a .SQL.GZ

I wanted to restore it with a different name so I used 7Zip to extra the .SQL file and I replaced the D.B. name.
I then used cPanels Backup & Restore feature to restore the .SQL file and now suddenly the database is 300 megs.

Is this because I didn't GZip it again before the upload?
Does phpMyAdmin somehow read GZIP SQL files so you can store them compressed?

So confused about this, I know it's kind of O/T but I hope somebody has a higher level of knowledge on this than I do.


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Do you have other tables in your database that might not be related to XenForo? Extracting or compressing your SQL file wont' have an effect on your database size after importing it.

When you say 60meg size, do you mean your sql.gz file is that large, or your database is that large?
Just whatever is in there from doing the vB 4.2 import, I'm not aware of anything else.

The sql.gz is 60meg, when I upload it cPanel is saying it's 300+mb and then as I use the forums it expands.

I don't know if it's a problem, just thought it was odd. Forums run fine etc. Just don't want to waste hosting space.

Similarly, when I started switching over to Xenforo 1.5 I pulled down a backup of vB 4.2 @ about the 60meg, renamed it, uploaded it. cPanel said it was now 100+mb.
Then I made a clean Xenforo DB and did my import and that DB grew to 300+mb. Just thought it was odd in both situations. I know doing an import it was expected to be a little bigger, but over 4x? Maybe in the later case my attachments are getting stored in the DB after import? I will have to look for that setting in AdminCP.


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The sql.gz file is a compressed (via gzip) text file. It will always be drastically smaller than the database size.

Phpmyadmin should recognize that it's a compressed file and will uncompress it before running the commands in the file itself.