MyBB to XF2 - direct or via XF1?


Can I import/convert my MyBB 1.8 forum to XF2, or do I need to do it via XF1 as is stated in a couple of threads I have read
Also, after the conversion, am I likely to be left with lots of BB code, etc. such as </P>, <"font, and non-functioning/messy links to other websites or content?


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There is an importer available for XF2 for MyBB 1.8 so there is no need to import into XF1 first.

The standard bb codes will be converted but if you have custom bb code then that won't.

There is an add-on which can be used to tidy up any posts with legacy bb code.
You can also recreate the bb code in XF if you wish to continue using it.