MyBB to Xenforo


I have done so research but wanted to ask here to make sure I can chat about it before I make a final decision.
  • I have a MyBB forum and I want to convert to Xenforo. I can make a database backup, but how would I get the database onto the Xenforo forum?
  • My forum is located at I will want that to be the case if I install Xenforo, I will not be making it
Will this be possible? How hard would it be? Could I get detailed steps explaining how to easily do this?

If so, I will happily buy XF :D Thanks for the help :D


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There is a MyBB 1.6/1.8 importer built in. You just install XenForo to your web server and run the import tool, it's really simple.


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I too switched from MyBB to XF, and I seem to like it, though I had to enable multiquote as it was disabled by default. When importing from MyBB, make sure you check your permissions as I had to make sure all the permissions are ok. I was actually locked out of a forum where only staff could post, and had to make sure that was ok as well.


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Tar the whole old installation and keep it somewhere.
Or do you plan to let it run beside the new installation?
If not you dont need it anymore in public_html.


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I don't understand about moving them when I'm don. How would I do that? I would install XF to /forum, but I want it at the root directory
You can achieve that in 2 ways. 1) Install first xenforo to some folder, do the conversion and then move xenforo back to the root. 2) Move your mybb forum to another folder, say forum, then install xenforo directly to the root and then run the conversion tool. Both ways should work fine.