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I am currently updating you xenforo's users that he is refusing refund me by bank transfer, even though I have paid upfront to him through the bank.
He wants to pay me paypal, despite explaining to him that for reasons of tax, the refund must be in the same way as the upfront.
There is no reason why he should refuse me a bank-repayment.


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There is no reason why he should refuse me a bank-repayment.
Isn't it a bank holiday? A bit unreasonable to be posting complaints when he cant give you a bank refund due to a holiday don't you think? Maybe you being a little unreasonable is why you didn't get along?

I've been working with Nix for over a year now... He has created many custom addons for my several big board forums and has helped me through several vB>XF conversions.
I have never had a single problem with him or the quality of his work. He always answers me within 24 hours, and usually much sooner. IMO, he is a great asset to the XF community.
@Joeychgo i don't care if he, with you, was the best coder of the world. The experience I had with him was negative, stopping to respond on skype and becoming rude each time that i reminded him to give me updates about progresses.
I paid upfront and from that moment he totally stopped to communicate with me.
There's no feeling. It can happen.
When i have the refund, i will be so honest to communicate here.


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Could I see the work, as well?
He's created many custom addons for me. Things like our awards and extra trophies may look similar to what is currently in the marketplace but these are things that we've had for quite some time in which I believe the devs that created them in this marketplace saw what we were doing and tried replicating it.

Homepage is some custom work through AMS. We have some custom work done with the paid membership. And actually, I think 50-100 custom addons by Nix. If not 50, quite close (been a while since I've even looked, I just keep to the front end for the most part these days).
@NixFifty was commissioned to develop a custom addon for us through XenForo forum.

Very pleasant to deal with, was happy for me to pay on completion and a very quick turnaround. What more could you ask for?

I am very satisfied and will contact him first if we need any further custom work done.


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I have used his services for a custom addon and everything went smooth. This guys is good doing his work.

There is just a small tweak to be fixed that I didn't preview by the time I requested it.
Thank you, Aakif! You've accomplished every task that I've thrown your way and you stayed with it until it was done. I really appreciate your help and your level of knowledge. It helps me get back to what I am skilled at, rather than struggling to do things that are not in my wheelhouse. Thanks for collaborating with my host to make sure that everything was set up correctly and done with excellence. I have no doubt that my site will operate so much more efficiently and it is so much easier to be productive when you have the necessary tools to do the job.


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Highly recommend using this developer. One of the best and nicest guys in the xF community. What matters is quality and this guy brings in and is willing to go out of his way to get the job done.