my site was hacked through an old wordpress installation


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I am sorry to hear that you got hacked sir. The same thing has happened to me and a friend of mine a few months back with an old Joomla installation.

Excellent advice about older unused software and add ons. Or at the very least, to update them, even if one is not using them anymore.

Nelson T.

Someone hacked my church's wordpress site that I put up for them, and it really sucked.
I got that alarm program, and wordfence, and it helped some, but not totally.
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Yes. WordPress is very insecure and always a target. Enabling automatic updates is usually a good idea. This updates the site any time WP developers release a new version or a security patch.
Enabling automatic updates is vital to keeping Wordpress secure.


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I guess it's time to delete the default WP themes I don't use then.
You don't want to run the risk of accidently (or otherwise) of switching to an unmaintained theme and then being compromised less than 24 hours later by automatic bots.