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Your Rock. Your Nation.
Simple, really. I wanted to have a place to hang out, discuss rock music and its variations, share videos, photos of shows attended, rate and review albums / venues, etc. Hopefully things can progress to the point of ticket exchanging, possible meet-ups with other fans, promotion for upcoming bands, so on and so forth. I have decided that users who register and cannot upload an avatar, will be deleted after a week. Zero posters will be deleted after 2 weeks.

Features (As of 07/15/2013)
  1. XenGallery by @sonnb
  2. TaigaChat Pro by @Luke Foreman
  3. YouTube on Profile
  1. Showcase Integration by @bobster65 - Album Rate and Review type of thing.
  2. Raffles by @Snog - Possible ticket giveaways, albums, artwork, etc - obviously going off of activity.
  3. Event Listing
  4. Venue Listing
Site Info
We wanted a fairly simple look, but one that would also give us an identity. We felt going with @Russ and @Qwk86gn from PixelExit with the Core Design was best for us. It's flexible and has a very clean look. All modifications will be done by us, although to contribute to xF members, we posted a $20 PayPal Design our Text Editor Contest no takers yet... I can see us getting one more style to compliment the lighter look, and that has yet to be decided upon.

We have chosen to be hosted by @Mike Edge with xF Host and he has taken great care of us for the last couple of months. Enough cannot be said about the effort he has went through along with the help from other (@Teapot ) members of his staff.

Appreciate you taking a look (if you did), would love to hear the feedback you have. If you are a fan of this genre of music, feel free to register and join in on the discussions. I do have a lot of ideas for this site, but I also enjoy hearing what others have to say, as well as the visions they have for it.


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I love the custom logo (the animated version is killer) and I like the color scheme being used. I'm not sure I'm liking the menu being at the top of the screen though.

You guys are into heavier stuff than I usually listen to but will keep checking in. :)


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The site looks fantastic, every customization you have done really adds to the user experience. Wish you all the best, Sheldon.


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The site looks great, I hope it's a success for you (y)

One small thing I did notice as an unregistered user, the 'Sign Up' button and the top breadbox navigation bar are colliding.



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I like it, the popular photos looks cool. Until the site has a lot of members, I would move the box with forum statistics (or hide it), and replace it with latest threads/replies.


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What kind of "Rock" music is this? Does it range into hardcore music?

Basically, is this like Disturbed & Five Finger Death Punch or Like Moths To Flames & Dead Like You?


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Rock. Broad range. No "rap", no "classical", etc... its up to the end user to set what they define as rock, not me.


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We have gotten around to adding Showcase, by @bobster65 finally.




It has turned into the area to rate/review albums, chat about them, etc.

The theme is still a bit buggy, but we have been assured it will be updated and corrected in the next release. Still a bit to add, taking this one a bit slower than usual though. Hopefully you can get the time to register, rate some albums you like, give some feedback, anything....

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