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A very powerful few days ... two major rejoicings!

... finally got confirmation my beloved son is accepted by University of London after being treated foully by the Open University. They failed him because their software glitched processing the final unit of his course so technically on the record he did not complete. Four months later they are still refusing to offer any remedy.
I finally searched and found London University now does online degrees and so far they have been reliable, efficient and fair (not like the appalling OU).
Am particularly chuffed as he's taking BA Hons Philosophy and Computing. Philosophy was my own degree so I'll study beside him to refresh myself and support him, debating issues, doing book reports for him. Fun! He likes the idea.

... secondly have just spent the last week on crisis support for my dearest friend waiting results of a cancer test. Life/ death stuff. She is far from home and family on a contract booking in the USA so I kept my Messenger running 24/7 open to her.
But it was exhausting chopping my sleep about due to timezones so I was always there when she was waking up (not so bad midday for me) and when she got in from work (2 am for me). Just chatting for an hour or so each time keeping her connected and distracted at vulnerable \moments of her day.
Tonight I collapsed with fatigue and lay in hot bath for 2 hours healing, came downstairs back to my laptop to check on her and YAY! the test result was a MISTAKE. So I have a long future of my beautiful friend to look forward to.

Tomorrow I do an interesting consultation to add online community to an international summer school programme - leadership skills for young people. Yum!

Adam Howard

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Congratulations to your son on his acceptance to University of London. A wonderful school indeed and much to be proud of.

Also glad to hear your friend will be around for a long time and you two will continue a wonderful relationship together.

Sounds like you're on cloud nine and I'm very happy for you :)