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Cory Booth

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OK... I have heard all the agruments against such a feature - however...

The biggest reason I have lost user interaction is the confusion and inability in VB to subscribe to a forum.

Right now, there is logic in place to not send replies if you haven't visited the site and other similar methods - that may be fine and "best practice" for some - but for me, it is a huge problem.

My site is small, my users subscribe to a forum and they expect to see everything going on...
All new posts, all replies, etc....

I REALLY need a method to allow users to subscribe to a forum and get everything that happens - no matter what nor if they visited the site, etc...

Heck I'll go a far as to say, subscribe to the site as a whole....

This is a big thorn in my side now and I edit core files to do my best to enable this functionality in current VB.


My RSS reader gets a few forums from this site daily, through the RSS.
Having a digest system would help admins quite a bit, to be honest.

Cory Booth

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RSS... OK...
But I'm talking about the emails you receive as "alerts" or "notices" from the forum.

I know many consider getting emails about posts and replys (by forum level) as spam or whatever....

But in my case, I have several small websites and my users count on getting emails to know what's going on.
True, they could visit the site or whatever, but that's just not what my user base is used to.

What they expect is...
Say I have a Forum called "Admin"
I have a few Sub Forums called "Tutorials" and "Bugs"

My users expect to be able to "subscribe" to either the Admin level or Tutorial/Bugs level and once "subscribed" - get emails on every post or reply - until they "unsubscribe".

If not subscribe to a Forum or Sub-Forum, they could watch individual threads as usual - but also.... Allow an override so they will be notified with every thread reply - even if the user has not visited the site since the last notice.

I understand on you "big boys" - this would generate alot of emails....
But in my case, it's killing my user interaction as they don't see emails so they don't think anything is going on - thus, they don't visit the site.
But when they DO visit the site, they missed a ton of new stuff...

This has been my experience with VB for a long time and I have spent days trying to figure out ways around these limitations.


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Now, I can imagine that each time someone posts in a forum you getting an alert may be very, very annoying.
But if it only comes up in the What's New? page....
How about a more scalable option?

Email saying "There have been more posts in the forum X since your last visit. You won't receive any more emails until you view these new messages." That way you won't get an email about every new post in there as that's not efficient.

Cory Booth

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@vrtsolus: But that would require a visit to the site. My users don't see the email, so they don't come thinking nothing is happening....
@Branon: This is how VB works now.... My users seem unable to grasp the last part "You won't receive......"

These are the battles I have fought since I jumped on VB3

Cory Booth

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Realize this is coming from a 4,000 or less (MAX) site.
The emails are minimal to begin with - which contributes to the mis-understanding of my users.


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The biggest reason I have lost user interaction is the confusion and inability in VB to subscribe to a forum.
You sound quite familiar with vb3.x. My 3.8 forum has the subscribe to forum feature as part of the stock code, and people can get daily emails when posts are made in the forum. Is that what you are talking about?

Did they remove that in v4?

Cory Booth

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What my users want, er demand, is when they subscribe to a forum... They get emails on every post and every reply from that moment forward.
No logic to determine their last time visiting the site nor any logic to determine if they have replied to a particular thread or not.

I know for some sites, this would be a horrible idea.

However, if you could subscribe at a forum level, sub-forum level, and then ofcourse "watch" a thread - it would be universally useful for all forum owners - including us small fish...

As for the digest - it's probably a feature, but my users want more than just a digest. If VB4 had "Instant Email Notification" at the Forum level - that would be nice, but that's not a "stock" option.

Cory Booth

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We need to think with big board in mind as that's what everyone wants to achieve.
I'm glad you said that :) This is the type of response I got when making this suggestion over at vb.com...

No disrespect, but think of me as the voice of the smaller boards. I already know my board will not be "large".
I could make one I suppose, but I don't have the time or team to manage it.
My boards lean toward a very small interest groups (i.e. the Potomac River)...

I'm not here making these request to change functionality for a bigger board, I am asking for considerations to be thought of for smaller boards.
I could copy and paste atleast 50 links from VB.org/com asking for such a feature, so I know I'm not alone in this.

IMO, this particular request would really not require that much effort in code or anything, the admin panel could easily have an option to activate or deactivate such a feature.
Not to mention xF - will - have some type of alert or email system, so I'm asking to consider giving the software flexibility in that regard so EVERYONE can use it, not just big boards.

Take the email option filter up a level so admins can chose to active "Instant Email Alerts" at the Thread, Sub Forum, Forum, or even Site level.
Allow admins to chose if they want the email alert system to check if the subscribed user has visited the site since the last post or alert.

I want xF to appeal to everyone, not just the big guys.


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+1. I don't check into xenforo every day, but would like the ability to subscribe to the announcements and Have you seen forums. I am sure I have some people subscribing on my site as well.


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RSS... OK...
But I'm talking about the emails you receive as "alerts" or "notices" from the forum.

I know many consider getting emails about posts and replys (by forum level) as spam or whatever....
I posted it before, rss2email, works great, I can keep an eye on forums, replies, new posts, whatev.. and sent to my inbox, it can be REAL chatty so use judiciously.


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i would like to receive an email alert when a topic is posted in a specific forum. so i vote for this suggestion *first post liked*