Not planned Music on Specific Page


This is not something necessary, I have to admit however, it would be something really good to have if needed. Having selected/specific pages or threads with background music would be good. I have looked around to see IF I'm able to do it right now but uh, dang it! I couldn't find anything! I am sorry if anyone already suggested this and/or if it's already something possible to do.


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A few third party options: (they don't filter by page though)

Or if you want to do it manually you could put HTML 5 audio tags directly into thread_view template wrapped with XenForo template conditionals (to filter by certain topics):

If you wanted a full blown solution to allow members to upload the files via the attachment system then you'd definitely need to get a plugin commissioned..

Having said that, most people though find background music very annoying and heavily frowned upon.


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Realistically, I don't see this as something we would implement.