Multiple forums to new XF forum

Hi there,

I currently help manage several online communities using various software, including vBulletin, IPB, and SMF. Our admin staff is volunteer based and we've recently found ourselves without enough help to maintain all these multiple forums. We're currently looking at Xenforo to start over and condense all the communities into one to minimize maintenance and licensing costs as they all revolve around gaming. We're willing to deal with the pains of starting fresh, however, we do have some long running threads from each site that we'd like to preserve and bring over to the new site.

In short, we're not looking to do a complete conversion of any of the existing forums, but would like to be able to specify certain threads to import. Does XF support importing individual threads in any way out-of-the-box?

If this would require a third-party consultant/developer, we do have a budget set aside for these kinds of projects. If such a tool doesn't sound feasible and you have experience merging multiple forums running different software into a new XF installation, we'd be interested in receiving a quote on such work.



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The built in importers will import all content (members, threads, etc.); it isn't possible to import a subset or a selected list of threads.

It would either require custom development, or you could copy the source forums and delete any threads you don't wish to be imported.
Hi Brogan,

Thanks for your reply. How feasible is it to merge multiple XF installations? I understand there would be some conflicts (users with the same name, conflicting thread IDs, etc.). Would converting the individual forums into XF then merging them into one be a realistic option?


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You would still have to deal with the duplicates, no matter how you do it.

Duplicate users would have to be merged or renamed.