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Not sure if this is intended in a future revision of the Rm but multiple file uploading for graphic resources would be nice to have since resources (graphics) come in a multitude of colours and rather than users downloading 1 file with zips inside zips causing more bandwidth usage it'll be a bandwidth saver not to mention the users selects and download what they need.

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So currently, I'm not sure about multiple file uploads, though I can see some value in it. I don't think that bandwidth is a huge issue personally.

Some of the issues I see relate to the simplicity of the UI. I suppose we could hide this behind the download button.

With purchase stuff coming up, there would be some challenges to control what you're buying (a particular file, or the whole resource?). It may vary from resource to resource.

Versioning is a challenge as well, unless you force updating all of the files at once.

Using the example of the icons that Shelley posted recently, I feel that having them in separate resources has the potential for it to be easier for the average user. The variations are on a color theme, and IMO, it's important to be able to easily see whether there's a color scheme that fits my usage.


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There might be situations when multiple file uploads for a single resource are needed . What if downloadable book is requested in two formats, pdf and djvu? Or multiple language versions of a document are required for different geographical regions?

May be Bonus tab could be used for offering additional downloads completely separate from the main resource avoiding abovementioned complexities?


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i think the system is too limited. in my case it has no use at all as it has no provision for remote-hosted downloads or multiple mirror locations. it would be great if different uses were taken into consideration rather than assuming everyone would use this in the same exact manner as it is used on