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As designed multiple choice select boxes don't go full width

Jake B.

Well-known member
Not sure if this was intentionaly, but by looking at the CSS that causes it I don't think it is. If you create a select box that allows multiple selections using <xen:selectunit multiple="true"> it adds a size="5" so it will show 5 options which normally wouldn't be a problem. However, that triggers the following CSS:

.xenForm .ctrlUnit > dd .textCtrl[size],
.xenForm .ctrlUnit > dd .textCtrl.autoSize {
    width: auto !important;
    min-width: 0;
I assume this is so the width will work if you have a textCtrl and set a size on it inline, but I don't think that should apply to setting a size on a select input.

If this doesn't make sense I can probably explain it better, just in the middle of working on something and came across this :)



XenForo developer
Staff member
It's a bit of a bad design decision, but it is mostly expected at this point. It's something that wouldn't be changed given the wide ranging implications.

You could note that with a multi-select box, a large multi row box could look oppressive, but that's probably being revisionist. ;)