XF 2.2 Multiple Asterisks in a post

When I post a story to my forum I specifically censor swear words by typing something like "You F*ING B**" with multiple asterisks. but it removes all but one. Ive checked my censor and spam settings and can not find out where this is being caused.

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I have noticed something like that. It's important on a saxophone site because there are certain models of mouthpiece that might be denoted with asterisks,

e.g. there is a 4 star which is written: 4**** . If I just type that it is fine

But if I type ****ing 4**** it ends up as ing 4

But if I type ****ing 4**** ( with the actual f word) it shows the 4 asterisks for the naughty word, and only two asterisks after the 4, instead of four as it does in my first example here.
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right. the other alternative i imagine would be to use [plain]text[/plain] bbcode. which for some reason is not part of the bbcode toolbar editor. but yeah, disabling markdown would be a simpler solution as not many people know it and use it.


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I got a "solved" and a "-1" on the same post
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As admin you turn it off in your ACP, on a saxophone forum users are more than likely not typing markdown anyway and since it makes more sense to your users as asterisks, you can just turn it off.