Lack of interest Multilanguage support for Resources

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Hi !

I look at Xenforo now for some days and I think it´s much more handy than vBulletion (which I want to replace). The Resources are a really great idea to have a very small but powerful article & download system. To be honest that is exactly what I ever was looking for.

But there is one thing that is really missing - Multilanguage support for the resources. I don´t talk about a different forum language. But it would be great to have one article / download in different languages.
Something like in this screen:

Do you see any chance to get this implemented :rolleyes: ?

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This isn't possible in the current implementation of the RM, and personally I don't feel it's going to be implemented (that's quite a bit of structural changes).

However, this can be "implemented" in the current version with some custom tab BB Codes (Custom codes require an add-on, if you need one, check out my resources).