XF 2.2 Multilanguage forum?

Hi there,

I was wondering if it is possible with XF to make it multilanguage.
For example : IPS has the option, when you make a forum node in ACP to enter the "title" in English, and other language you've installed on the forum.
And when members select their language, forum names are also in theire language.

I need something like this, beceause it is an international forum, not only English.

Hope someone can help with this.
To my knowledge, it is not possible. Have you considered the chaos that could be created by having a multilingual category but not having the translation of titles and messages? There would be many different languages present within the same category and it would be difficult for users to understand what is being written.

In this case, as previously mentioned, it would make much more sense to establish categories for each language, so that there is a clear and simple understanding for all users.

That's at least my thoughts on the matter.
Hi there,

Thanks you for your respons.
The forum where it's for ,all topics/titles/messages etc. speaks for it's self, so this would not be a problem.
But i would like the forum Titles in different languages.

Thanks for your respons
Here's what I found:

If I recall correctly, and I might be wrong about the platform I used years ago, it might not have even been XF, you could work around to make some things in the desired language by adding new phrases to the language file and then calling the variables in the fields that were needed."

That being said, I'm not very up-to-date on the current documentation of XenForo and we hope you receive an official response for this.
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