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my website:
We have opened a forum site to share information about budgerigars and parrots.
Our forum site is in Turkish. I will be working on English and German language options and features over time.
My aim is to establish an international cage birds forum and to inform people.
I'm very happy with xenforo script, I just installed the site. I'm working to progress
I use the UI.X theme and organize it according to myself.

Description in Turkish : Türkiye'nin en büyük muhabbet kuşu forumu ve kafes kuşları forumu açmış bulunuyoruz. Muhabbet Kuşu ve Kafes Kuşu Forum.jpg
How does the site look?
The site looks like a site that uses the UI.X theme! Like many others, this is a tried and tested theme, your visitors will probably like it.
Personally I would not have placed the online members and statistics widgets under the forums, these widgets are more made for the sidebar. There they generate large useless empty spaces. You should "dress up" your footer a little too, there too a lot of empty space.


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