XF 1.4 Multi-Quote forbidden Access to Index.php

I have been getting this recently when trying to use Multi-Quote. As soon as I click the button to enter the quotes into the text field.

It was happening only once in awhile for me. First time it happened, I had rebuilt the Caches and it seemed to cure it. Happened again later.. rebuilding didnt work, and doesnt work.

Now some others are getting it apparently, and I can not figure out why its happening.

Anyone have some suggestions on where to track this down? Is it a permission setting I am overlooking?
Multi-Quote is turned on in the options.. Some are able, others are not. Including myself (owner) and other admin, mods.. members.. randomly it seems..

This pops up when hitting the button to add multi quotes.



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This is typically related to mod_security.

Contact your host and ask them to identify the offending rule and whitelist it.
Contact them, and explain that I have an offending rule to mod_security? Im going to feel pretty dumb asking them to identify an offending rule, and not know what I am even explaining :unsure: