"GET to /index.php not supported." when making topic with specific phrase


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So I just moved to XenForo a few days ago and have encountered a problem today. Thinking this is a bug, hence why it's in this board. If it should be elsewhere, then I would appreciate the topic being moved ^^

I made a new topic today (after many topics and posts had been made before, which was after the move to XF), and I found that my members were unable to respond to it. I went to further investigate and I was also unable to respond to it. In fact, none of the buttons on the topic's page worked. Edit. Delete. IP. They all led to this error:

get error.jpg

So I played around for awhile. Because it happened to this thread, and this thread alone. I tried posted the topic under a new title. Only post parts of the topic. Without Pictures. Without links. Under different boards.

What I found was that the topic posts perfectly fine as long as the phrase "PS Mobile" was not in the title. If I removed PS Mobile, the topic worked great. I even tried making a topic that was just "PS Mobile" in the title and only "test" in the body and it got the same error.

Any idea what would cause something like this?
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This is usually down to security on your server. Your host should be able to determine the rules they are triggering and modify them accordingly.

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Yep, looks like a typical mod_security problem on an Apache server.
You need to contact your host and have them find the rule that is triggering this and exclude it.