Add-on Multi-Mods / Auto Reply.


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Cannot seem to find an addon that can do this. A popular feature and a feature we really loved on our old software was something called Multi-Mods. However, XenForo does have a good amount of them, we are missing what we considered a crucial feature: Auto-Reply. We have a directory and some request areas so hence an auto-reply when the thread has been sorted is a powerful feature for us. We'd love to be able to select from a set of prewritten replies to have them automatically posted as the thread is moved to another forum. Does anything like this exist at all? If not, we'd like to request it.


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Can you explain this further. Do you mean a message be sent when a thread is moved?
Exactly like this! Here's an example image how IPB's is:

We would love that. A dropdown for we can select a template to use, it replies and sends a message when the thread is moved. We'd like several different ones. vBulletin and IPB both have this feature built into the software.


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That is neat, but, we'd like it more upfront like how IPB's or vBulletin's was. A reply to the thread when it is moved with a pre-selected template. IPB allowed us to create the templates ahead of time/select the forum to move it to. We rather liked it. It is the feature we miss the most coming to XenForo. :( We relied heavily on it.


Would be a great addon. We are running a support forum where this would be a great feature to let ppl know that someone recognized them.


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Looks like we'll be paying for this to be developed. :). We're RP admins so we're not greedy, we just love making up stories. :D So, we won't be greedy and withhold it from all of you.


Anybody have some requests for other tasks/actions?
i'm asking because the addon is almost finished and i've included the same "actions" (don't know how to call it:D ) like in ipb3,i've also included a template hook and an event listener so you'll be able to add own "actions" e.g. notify thread starter via conversation,etc... but let's see if anybody is having some requests for the core, so i can include them before i release it


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How is this coming along? I am interested.
Wonderfully! I'm testing it myself right now on my test forum. It works beautifully and has all the features I wanted. :D

Not ready for a live forum yet as it's still in testing. BUt, oh my god! AWESOME! I should add screenshots. Ragtek will be releasing this sometime next week most likely on the resources. :D


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This addon allows the moderators of the forum to perform moderation tasks with automated replies to threads by the help of only two clicks, thus greatly reducing the workload of the moderators. The automated replies may be defined by the administrators based on the moderation actions.