Fixed MP3 attachment mirroring does not produce playable audio


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I tried an 8 second clip as an mp3 file, it uploaded and played fine when uploading directly to media gallery

I tried uploading the same file to mirrored forum thread and it doesn't insert it as a playable file in media player, only as an attachment.

I tried to play it from within the media gallery (viewing my uploads) and it doesn't play, it shows the following error as an mp3 uploaded from the forum thread.
The new media mirroring for mp3 files doesn't allow mp3's to be embedded when mp3's are uploaded into a forum post (which has media mirroring to a gallery category). The mp3 upload appears as an attachment, not as an embedded media item.

If I upload the same mp3 directly into the media categeroy, it embeds as expected as a mp3 media file with an embedded mp3 player that can play it.

The mirroring and media embedding works fine if the file is uploaded to a forum thread as an mp4, but mirroring and embedded player should also work if an mp3 upload is initiated from a forum post.
This is fixed in XFMG 2.2 Beta 2 by virtue of the fact that XF now supports audio uploads:
Its inclusion in XF solves some technical issues related to how audio files are stored.
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