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Hey guys my name is Brandon. I run an online eSports Gaming League/Ladder/Tournament. Currently we use IPBoard with the tournaments mod, but that just isn't cutting it. I looked around on XenForos apps and didn't see anything other than XenTorneo, but I'm looking for something that will run the ladder for me. The reason why I'm switching to XenForo is because of it being so fluid, fast, and sleek looking.

A rough idea on what I'm looking for



I'm willing to pay. If anyone is interested you can give me a quote VIA pm.

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Obviously, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. The only thing in the category you're looking for is XenTorneo and that's just to upload results of completed tournaments. As for a fully-fledged tournament management/tracking system, Jaxel (developer of XenTorneo) suggests Challonge! - if you want an integrated solution (which you've made obvious that you do), you can find various what I call programming mercenaries for hire. There is a forum area for Custom Requests - you are bound to grasp the attention of several capable modders if you drop a request in there, although I believe that area is probably restricted to licensed customers.


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Thanks for the fast response. The only thing with Challonge! is that you can't have it setup for a season-like league. Basically what I'm trying to get at is that a league season has predetermined teams match-ups (In the same conference) for that season on set days. I would love to post in the request forum but I don't have an active license at the moment.