XF 2.0 Moving to local testing, but redirected to domain



I installed XenForo on my local server for testing (no problem, i can access it).

Then, I import my database from my website. But when I try to connect, I'm redirected automatically to the online site (localhost/forum / ---> mydomain.tld).

I can't access to my local admin panel :unsure:

I searched in my local database (in the table xf_option), but I can not find it.

Cache is cleared, src/config.php is ok

An idea?
Thank you


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If you can't access your XF admin control panel, then the redirect is happening outside of XF. At a guess, you've added some sort of canonicalization rules to the .htaccess file.


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Worst case, when you want to view the test install rather than the live domain, add the following to your Windows or Linux "hosts" file:

localhost mydomain.tld

This will make your browser see your local setup as mydomain.tld