Moving my large phpbb board to xen!

Hello, i am planning to move my phpbb2 forum with 8,20,000 posts to xenforo.

I am aware that i need to upgrade to phpbb3 to make the import.

Here are the questions.

1) We need all the internal links to be redirected properly, i assume there is an redirect script already available.
2) All our YouTube tags needs to be formatted to xenforo.

For example, this is our current youtube tag.

[video width=400 height=350][/video]
Is there any script to make it work with xenforo?
3)How long does it usually take to do the import.
4) Is there any other way to import my phpbb2 directly to xenforo with out upgrading to phpbb3?
5) If i purchase a license here, how many email id's can be added here to download the resource here. Is there any option like that? i recon vB allows you to use 3emails.

That's all i could think of now.

Thanks you.


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There is no way of importing directly from phpBB2, you will need to upgrade first.

I believe there are some redirection scripts which have been posted.

Embedded content/tags can be updated using a specific Post Content Replace tool.

The time taken will depend on the server spec'. It's not possible to give an estimate.

You can add up to 4 forum accounts to the license.
Thank you for your fast reply.

Will you guys help me out with redirection and content replace if i run in to issues?

Also do your recommend purchasing the XenForo Enhanced Search for my site?

Thank you.


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Support is always available so don't be concerned about that.

For a board of that size, yes, I would recommend the Enhanced Search add-on.


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Also do your recommend purchasing the XenForo Enhanced Search for my site?
Only if you have root or SU access so you can install ElasticSearch (which runs on top of Java). If you do, that's great! Enhanced Search offers a lot of enhancements, such as a "stemmer" so it picks up on word variations.
yay, i had to postpone the migration till this month.

Yesterday, i migrated my board to Xen, so far i am loving it.

Also, i have installed the Post Content Find / Replace tool. So can some one help me with this?

I need help replacing with this

[video width=400 height=350][/video]
to this