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Nelson T.

There is no user #1 on my forum.
I would like to be user #1

Is there a SQL query that I can run to move my account to #1 in the database?
The user ID is stored in many different places all over the database, so it wouldn't be a simple query and isn't really practical to do.
I concur with Jeremy P.

Do not do this.

As well as data being stored across various tables, there is also various pieces of cached data. It's not practical, nor simple to do. There's too much scope for it to go wrong, all for something which ultimately couldn't matter less.

It's always a nice fuzzy feeling inside to know you're numero uno, but in terms of anyone else they won't care, or even appreciate the significance.
Gotcha. I will leave it alone.
I should have been more careful when I switched to XF not to delete my original account.
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