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hi everyone i was just wondering how can i move links to a drop down box on the navbar to save room in the navigation bar,As when i install a new modification it has filled my navbar up
I have this installed and i asked someone who has been doing xenforo for some time but he is not sure how to use that as the links have already been added like blog,group,users albums,xentrader
ahh yeah, it'd be nice if addons came with an option to not show in the navbar so you could just link them with nodes as tabs. I'm sure someone around here knows the answer.
The latest update for Nodes As Tabs supports tab selection for link-forums. So you can consolidate multiple unrelated pages under one node tab with link-forums. First enable tab selection for link-forums, then create a node structure like this:

Parent Node (is Tab)
- child link-forum (links to blogs)
- child link-forum (links to groups)
- child link-forum (links to albums)
- child link-forum (links to xentrader)

Or if you want to assign a non-node page to a non-node tab then you can just create a link-forum on its own that is manually assigned to a tabid. This is also described in the latest update.

This works well in most situations. Note that tab selection for link-forums uses relative URI matching. So if you link to members/ then it will pull in (for tab selection) all pages beginning with that route. This is an advanced application of Nodes As Tabs, but it should work for you.

After consolidating your tabs using link-forums you will probably want to hide the old tabs. You can do this using CSS.

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> EXTRA.css

Rich (BB code):
.navTabs .navTab.members
	display: none;

You must specify the tabid which can be seen in the HTML source.
I see this CSS:

.navTabs .navTab.XenTrader
	display: none;

But I see no tabid called "XenTrader". Did you remove that tab by other means? I just want to confirm the tabid in the source.
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