XF 1.5 Having a issue on profile pages. Non Clickable Drop down menus

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Having a issue on profile pages.
So i want to disable trophies from displaying in the middle of the profile pages. Their is an option to move them to the side bar. This is something i am cool with doing, but when i move them to the side bar or disable them from showing on the profile page in general, I get a displaying error. Since this trophy block is removed it seems like something is now covering My profile default tab Drop down menu, and my moderator tools drop down menu. When i click them i have no access to them as if an div is covering it or something.

With trophy add-on

with trophy add-on disabled.
The featured member add-on controls is clickable, but the other drop down menus are not.


Now I have no idea of how to fix this, so for now i have the trophies add-on still active so i can access those drop down menus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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It's really difficult to make any suggestion as the issues look to be related to custom/non-standard styling elements (or things from add-ons themselves).