XF 1.5 Moving from vBulletin - deleted/moderated posts?


I have a vbulletin board with over a million posts that I am going to attempt to migrate to Xenforo. There are a lot of soft deleted and moderated threads and posts. I've tried to eliminate as many as possible, but it's proving to be impossible.

I would LOVE to mass delete them somehow if anyone knows an effective way of doing so. I am not opposed to using mysql commands (I know, I'd backup just in case). Otherwise, I was wondering if these will stay moderated/deleted after they are migrated to Xenforo??


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Those states will be migrated across. The only concern would be the number of moderated posts; if you have a large number, clearing that out beforehand would be ideal, but we couldn't easily help you with that. The number of soft deleted posts don't really matter.