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Moving from VB and Moving to a new domain


I am in the process of rebranding my forum as a result I am considering moving to XEN from vb 3.8 at the same time that i move to a new domain.

What will be the best process?

A) set up vb 3.8 on the new domain, import all the posts from the old domain then upgrade to XEN?

B) Is it possible to set up xen then import all the posts from VB on another domain?

Also I use amember to protect the forum and set up the user accounts I assume as they are now using XEN everything will integrate ok


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Hi Mark, and welcome to XenForo. :)

I was in a similar position when I made the move a few months back, though I was shifting from vB 4.0.6.

What I did was simply to install XenForo on the new domain and then import from the vB database. The import tools asks for database particulars at the very beginning and then imports them into the XenForo database. You may want to look at some XenForo settings first, e.g. I set the maximum character limit to unlimited to ensure that whole posts are imported.

After that, you just need to set up your usergroup permissions are you're pretty much to go. (y)
Ok thats cool, if it will import from a different domain..

Also is there a downloads area of mod available? I have several reports and videos in a download area of vb...


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I'm going to have to start getting serious in thinking about changing hosts/moving to xF. Do we have threads anywhere about folks who will take this on for pay? Does anyone have a recommendation?