XF 2.2 How do I rebuild the internal_data directory after moving to a new host?

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All these items in the internal_data folder except for attachments:
file_check oembed_cache temp
code_cache image_cache sitemaps

Are they basically temporary files that could be regenerated by calling particular rebuild caches in the ACP?

sitemaps -> I assume rebuild sitemap?
oembed_cache -> maybe rebuild post embed metadata?
file_check -> do a file health check?

code_cache -> ?
image_cache -> ?
sitemaps would be created automatically on schedule. you can generate them on demand as well. admin.php?cron/sitemap/run
oembedcache is for embedded content like youtube videos. they are generated on the fly and cannot be generated manually afaik. no need to worry about this tbh. admin.php?options/groups/mediaEmbedding/
image_cache is for proxied images iirc. again, it would happen automatically based on your settings. nothing to do manually. admin.php?options/groups/imageLinkProxy/
file_check is done by xenforo on a schedule. you can run it manually. it checks the forum files for any modifications as per my understanding. admin.php?tools/file-check/
temp i imagine is used during addon installs etc.
code_cache is important data. it should already have files in it and is completely managed by xenforo.

basically if your forum is running fine, nothing should be required to be done manually. xenforo would take care of it all based on predefined settings. all the important data that is needed is generated at the time of install/upgrade. if there are any issues, it is recommended to run the /install/ process that would generated the relevant templates and other data if required.
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