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Moving from VB 3.8 to Xenforo

Hi guys, I'm the owner of http://ek9.org/forum and http;//www.foroshonda.com/foros.

After reading for weeks about xenforo I decided to make the move because my forum software is obsolete, right now I'm doing a test install for my smallest forum (foroshonda.com) and later I'm planning on moving my biggest forum (ek9.org). :)

As I'm typing this I'm doing a test install. And I'm very impressed with the importing interface I only had 2 issues with usernames that included a , not big deal :)

Unfortunately I will lose my user albums, but its not a big deal for foroshonda.com, but I'll need to find a solution for ek9.org in a near future.

I hope I don't struggle with nginx rewrites hehehe :) wish me luck.
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Thank you Brogan, I'll check it out.

My first migration test was successful, I don't know why the default forum avatars are not being imported.

I'm working on the style now. :)

No nginx issues btw! :D
I just finished to move foroshonda.com. it took me around 3 hours max including the albums. since now i'm familiar with the xenforo interface after migrating ek9.org 5 months ago.

To all the forum admins running vbulletin 3.8; I recommend them to make the move, it's very easy now!