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After years of running a forum, it is now moving to a new domain and also with a new admin who will continue to run it. Is it allowed to transfer the entire folder of the forum including the database to the new admin or only the database? I ask because the attachments are stored in the file system and also contain information about the licensee (in this case me).
If he is using his own XenForo license then you can't transfer all of the files because from what I understand each XenForo copy is unique (contains info of licenses), however if you transferred your license to the person then I think it should be ok. However I would wait for a more expert opinion on this matter since I myself am fairly new here.
There is no information about you stored in the file system on your server, just the license key.

The new owner will need an XF license - either their own new license, or the existing one.

If they are taking over the existing license then the whole site (DB, server files) can be transferred as is.

If they are going to purchase a new license, they will need to replace the existing license files to ensure the key is updated.
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