Moving Forum Lisence


Hello community,

I currently have xenforo forums set up on my site I am switching hosts to one which can not support the xenforo software.

I am looking to do one of the following and wondering which is easier and if either are doable.

1. Buy a new web domain and transfer the current forum to that address


2. Take the forum license and start a brand new forum on a new web domain

Am I even able to use this license to start a new forum after closing the old one? I just need some guidance here please. Thank you. (y)
The license doesn't have any kind of rigid activation. It's more a matter of record keeping. You can start a different forum with the existing license. Just update the URL in your license info.
I've got a little bit similar situation, with the same title I wanted to ask :)
A have forum and want to move all forum (with all actual members, informations, themes , etc. ) to new domain name.
This will be the same serwer, but a different catalogue.
What should I do? Should I move all files from catalogue on my serwer to the new one?
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