XF 1.2 Moved Post To New Topic - Link to post broken?


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Today was my first experience moving a post to a new topic.
  1. I posted a reply to topic A as post #4
  2. I linked to post #4 from post #5 in topic A
  3. I moved post #4 from topic A into a new topic B
  4. The link to old post #4 no longer directs to new post/topic #4
With how perfectly everything else is executed on xF I fully expected that moving a post wouldn't impact links to that post.

Did I do something wrong with the way I moved the post or is this a function of using friendly URLs, or something else?

Thanks for help in advance!


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If your post link was from the number, the link is a link into a particular location in the thread. There is nothing to change this. This is usually more user friendly.

If you want to change this to a "posts" link, you could do this by modifying the post template.


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Thanks Mike! Yes, the post link was from the post #.

I'm too new to xF to know what the pros and cons of making changes to the post template may have, or know how to make the changes, so I think for now I'll leave it as is since this is probably a pretty unique use case... unless there are no cons to making the change and it's relatively easy to do.