XF 1.5 Moved from vBulletin


Finally moved to XF :)

A couple of questions I have noticed traffic halved since making the move, threads have been redirected so can't understand why.

With that said I have created the sitemap and only 357 thousand items have been indexed with 2.7million posts this doesn't make sense or does it?

Other than that it seems to be a good move if I can get traffic back to what it was.

Any tips that I might have missed would be really handy.


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Double check that your redirects are working.

What is your metric for traffic? If it's page loads then it can be normal to see a decrease due to XenForo's use of async requests for some things.

A temporary drop in search rank can be normal while search engines are still processing your redirects.

A sitemap is per page so you should look at your thread count not post count.


I was looking at google analytics and noticed it drop off I can't recall exactly what figure.

Perfect sense about the sitemap that's about spot on for thread counts.

Thanks Jake that's cleared up any confusion things will settle down I'm sure.