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I have a junk thing setup. On a soft delete by a moderator posts are moved to my Junk forum, however, if the first post in the thread is deleted then the discussion state is changed to deleted instead of moving the thread to Junk, how do I fix this?

I don't want all posts to be moved to my junk forum, only threads, and deleting the first post in the thread deletes a thread, that's where the issue is. Moderator delete works perfectly.

Using a direct code edit via files for this by the way (commented out default). I'm fine with code edits if necessary.


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You could move the thread using that moderator option since that is the result that you want.
Anyone can delete their posts and if it's the original post then it sets the thread to deleted, instead of that I want it moved to my Junk forum like the soft delete (I've edited it) does.

Don't really want to junk deleted threads, if that makes sense.

Jake Bunce

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Maybe set the permission so that users can't delete their post. You could let them change them but I only allow that for 5 minutes.