Move Thread and Send PM


I started working with XenForo Forum as Developer.
I have to create AddOne to "Move thread to SPECIFIC FORUM, and send PMs to all users who wrote in thread".

I want to add hiperlink or button somewhere in "ad_thread_view_above_messages" hook or better in "thread_view_pagenav_before" next to "Thread tools" button.

I would like to get hint how is the best way to use "Move Threat Function" which has to exist (because its avaliable in "Thread tools". Another thing is Send PM Function. How can i use it in my code? What is the best way to "program" events (click in button - form ? etc ?)

Any link to tutorial when i can see how to add example button which DO something ?

I saw
I did it and it works OK. But i need more :) , more about functionality than good-looking.



You are probably not getting replies here as its not very clear what you are trying to achieve. As you've already said, moderators can move a thread via the 'Thread Tools' drop down, so not sure why you want to also add a button.
You could always add another link to the drop down. Either way, I would add those using a template modification rather than a hook.

If you want to send a conversation every time a thread is moved then simply extend the ControllerPublic/Thread.php function actionMove()
Or create your own function by extending the controller.
Hmm I haven't noticed that in xenforo there is no classic Private Message. I think that it should be notification then , not conversation. Thanks.
Button will be more quickly. Just "click" when thread is reported and you shouldn't "tell" where you want to move thread. Just "click" and done.
It is quite big forum.

I don't expect solution. I just wanted to "hint" or link to tutorial where I can find "examples" with actions..similar i want to make.


The button you can create/insert via a template modification. Link it to a new function that you create by extending the Thread.php controller.
This new function will use similar code to the core actionMove() except it will also fetch the thread users and alert them.
Take a look at a few tutorials such as this and download a few add-ons to see how people wrote them.